In a brand new series I want to share some great tips and things that are going to help you manage your business, your ministry, and especially those with coaching business.

Today, I’m going to share with you seven things that you can do to reach your intended audience without a budget. I’m going to s hare proven strategies for reaching your intended audience. This information is for coaches and any level of ministry, be it  local,  international or personal. However,  everything I’m going to share here is going to be in the context of ministry.

Facebook (live) broadcasts.

The first one is going live with your computer,  a way that you can reach a larger, bigger audience. To record the video for this post, I used a tool called stream yard. Yes, I did invest in some tools, but you don’t have to.

This is a method that you can use to reach your intended audience with no budget at all. Here’s what I do use that  you may want to get set up:

First you need a fairly decent HD camera, most of the time a good laptop on-board; The second thing is decent lighting (in my  video I’ve used just a little ring light. a decent mic. In most cases, if you have a webcam, It’s going to provide you with proper light.

The first way that you can reach more people are doing it through  broadcast. Now as a ministry, you’re going to share from your heart.

I had a desire to start a segment called Ministry Media Mornings and in mornings, what is the objective? I want to help as many ministries as possible. Impact people’s lives. That’s the objective.

What are the tools that you can use? You could use your phone, but by going direct you’re just going to stream one way. With this video I streamed to four places: a Facebook group, a Facebook page, my YouTube channel and my personal profile.

What is the basis of this message? There are no more excuses for you not to reach who you feel called to. That barrier is gone, and it’s been gone for years. So we have no more excuses not to reach people anymore.


I’m going to show you an example here of how we achieve that. How can I reach my intended audience as a coach or a minister with no budget, right? I have a a client that is a preachers coach. And what we did is, using SoundCloud as a distribution channel for podcasts. And there’s a couple reasons why I like this: when using mobile, I can literally record if I have decent sound capture on my phone or iPad. If not I can Input a lapel mic and record my podcast. I can record audio on my phone and it uploads straight to SoundCloud.

You can download a sound capturing app on your phone, and it’s going to enhance the audio quality, which is scrapped. What I like about this is that everybody that follows me on SoundCloud will get an immediate notification when I upload it. I call the Instant Audience strategy. Obviously we dabble in online radio.

We created exclusive content for the subscribers of the podcast, providing extra value for them and that’s gone up every Wednesday. The results were phenomenal as we for  between 400 – 600 listens on everyone.

 So what more can I do with this Ivan? You can take this audio, download it, and import it to a tool like this Descript and viola! Now you have text (I’ve done it here in this post) and then post it on my website as a blog article.


Webinars also doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, if any. The video in this post is essentially a webinar. A live broadcast if you will. You can essentially have a webinar where share your heart with people. It’s a phenomenal way to reach people. In the example, on the spur of the moment, we went on the Monday and decided to do a webinar on Tuesday.

We took some of his content and we shared it. A  you can see, we saw 16,000 views and 42 comments. For a ministry that’s more than enough impact.


I started my ministry with a newsletter. I created a pseudonym called  Tony2Cents where  I commented on the news with a Christian perspective. What I did the very first  time was craft an email with all text and I mailed it to people who I had the emails of.

This newsletter eventually became a blog that was published on a popular local platform. Eventually I created my own blog, which is s another medium which also doesn’t have to cost you a lot, if at all.

In the example, we see an email newsletter that got started because of lockdown called ‘Faith for today’. Here, in their 264 th one, there is a small intro, a scripture, an encouragement and a confession. You could simply run it just from your email account, or you could try a third party for A 30 day trial.

It could cost you $19 or you could run it through a free service like MailChimp where they give you 2000 emails that you can send to for free. There’s a lot of options, and no more barriers for you to reach a lot of people. Obviously, the best way to do this with the poppy act and the GDRP is that you ask for people’s permission to send them emails.


In the example I shared one of my videos, and this is again just a broadcast. This was a response to someone that asked me how they can publicize their event.You proceed and just go and you share valuable content.

You don’t have to get a camera crew to do this, you could literally sit at your desk and record like I did in the video above.

Quote Card.

It’s simply a photo with a message in the area. ‘If you pay attention to your online community, you will keep and grow them. Simple advice. And so that’s what we did.It’s a powerful way for you to reach a lot of people. They often have hundreds of shares on their cards like this and getting hundreds of comments, which is phenomenal. This is a great way to reach more people.

Book Publishing.

I wanna share a story with you to encourage you. You can reach people without a budget through publishing a book. I used a method where it took me three days of compiling and writing. I literally printed it at home with an office printer. I printed all the pages, had the cover designed and printed and then had to pay for binding. In the end, that book cost me 30 bucks to print. That’s another way that I reached people with my message and it’s a powerful way for you to do it.

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