In case you have any questions, here are some possible answers you might find useful. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our support team.

Is your platform only for established and mega ministries?

Quite the contrary. Even though larger Churches find lots of value in our program, because they can scale what we teach them and apply it to all their ministries, our ministry is passionate about small churches (even if they haven’t launched yet).

Our program will help you get the visibility for your ministry before you’ve even launched it and even increase the visibility and influence of a large ministry.

Can’t I just get the content I need free on Youtube.

You can, but experience have proven that it will take an incredible amount of time to gather the correct, relevant, applicable information. We teach all the methods and strategies that has been tested in a ministry environment and removed all the guesswork for you. We have even partnered with some Youtube creators, but have carefully curated the content and made sure that the process we help you follow brings you the absolute best results for your time and effort invested.

Will I be able to get a refund after I have made payment?

If you are not satisfied with our content, we are happy to refund you. We will require you to have at least completed the first 2 courses (The induction and the 4 Pillars course), seen you have participated and done the worksheets to properly assess the refund request.

Is this a subscription that I’ll be locked in for life?

We have content planned out for at least 12 months and believe that the value will far outweigh the investment. Even if the subscription is charged monthly, you are welcome to cancel your subscription anytime, if you are on a subscription plan.

When will we start creating content?

The program is designed that you start working on your content immediately. Every module and course builds on the last. You will need about 3 months of engagement and development in the program before a proper launch of your new platform will be possible.

Will we be able to look at the videos only once or do we have access forever?

You have access as long as you are a subscriber. The platform is progressive, so we will be adding a new course to the platform bi-monthly and you will constantly experience growth.

Will we be able to ask questions on what we’ve learned?

Definitely. We will be providing support in various formats as this community is very important to us. We will give you access to a Facebook group, email support, webinars and a weekly Q&A.

Will I need to invest any other funds into anything else during this course?

We have designed the program that you can achieve success by using what you have (Assuming you at least have a mobile phone), but to get to the next level, it may be necessary to purchase a few things.

We will always suggest various levels of investment into your platform, but you don’t have to spend any more money after purchasing our program for it to work for you. We do suggest, however, that you develop a long term vision to establish or increase the budget for your media ministry.

The biggest investment you will need to commit to making, is your time, without which this program will not work.

What if I have any other questions that has not been answered here?

That is super easy. You simply click on the ‘Contact Us’ menu tab at the top or click here and your message will come straight to me. We have a 24 hour support policy.