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Course Description:

I am very passionate about the subject, because without this pillar I believe a ministry cannot grow. The exciting element here is that media and tech can help setup, grow and manage your ministry communities. For this course we will be learning from 2 individuals who has an amazing story of growing communities on Facebook. They are in interview format and I’ve delivered them in topics as I’ve asked questions in the interviews.

Course Outcomes:

We suggest that you do a quick review of the 3rd module in the ‘4 Pillars to a Successful #MinistryMedia Platform’ called ‘Community’. In this course we will teach you the power of community for your ministry and the various dynamics to make it successful. Below you will find specific outcomes:

  • Learn how to set up your groups for success from an administration point of view
  • Learn how to manage your community successfully
  • Learn how to grow your community


37 video lessons

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