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Course Description:

Following on the strength of the development done in the 4 Pillars course, this course we will allow you to do deep development of your content. In this course you will have the opportunity to delve out the gold God deposited into you and communicate that value to your intended audience and reach the objective of your ministry.

This course will take you from inception, through execution all the way to distribution. Upon graduating this course, we are confident that you will have an influential and impacting media presence that will allow you the credibility for your message to accomplish it’s purpose.

Course Outcomes:

  • You would have planned your content and communication strategy carefully
  • You would have prepared your content properly for delivery on production day
  • We will guide you through the equipment necessary to create professional content on your mobile device, on a budget or even professionally.
  • We will empower you with the knowledge to prepare and execute a production day effectively
  • You have created your content, now what? Will will teach you the full post- production process and how to edit for each platform
  • Now that the content is produced, we will help you post and distribute it on the various platforms in the formats that will get you the best results