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Course Description:

In this course we break down the fundamentals of marketing strategy as it applies to a ministry. There are a few key concept that has to be understood what marketing strategy is concerned.

We unpack the key concepts that matter for your ministry to be successfully marketed.

Course Outcomes:

  • You will understand the careful balance of a marketing mix for your ministry
  • You will learn why your ministry should have a marketing strategy
  • You will gain clarity about why your congregations opinion matters
  • You will learn how to put together a marketing strategy
  • You will see what the relationship between traditional and digital media is
  • You will gain key skills in managing your ministry’s reputation
  • You will learn what is ‘owned’ media and what elements is needed for a successful platform
  • You will deep-dive into the components needed to develop your ministry’s brand
  • You will learn the characteristics of a great media presence
  • You will gain knowledge on how to manage your ministry’s reputation