Update Logs

Below you find a report on updates and when they occurred.

Monday 1 March  2021, 15:00

Updated ‘Content Audit‘ page in ‘Ministry Content Blueprint’ with a downloadable resource for the assignment.

Saturday 20 February 2021, 11:30 am

  • Why Comments Matter for Ministry‘ podcast added to ‘Increased Member Participation‘ lesson as added material.
  • Dr Thomas Case Study‘ added to the ‘Case Study‘ lesson in the Induction course.
  • How Rural Ministers can Launch a Media Ministry‘ podcast added to ‘#MinistryMedia Equipment’ lesson.
  • Added ‘Nick Hamman on his Content and Creative Process‘ podcast to ‘Content Audit‘ lesson in the Ministry Content Blueprint Course.
  • Retired Pastors Using Media to Establish Legacy‘ podcast added to ‘Benefits of this Strategy‘ lesson in the 4 Pillars course.
  • Reflections on a Media Content Photoshoot‘ podcast added to the ‘Photoshoot Guidance‘ lesson in the Ministry Content Blueprint Course.
  • Creating GREAT Media on a Budget‘ podcast added to the ‘Counting the Cost‘ lesson in Ministry Content Blueprint course.
  • 3 Elements of a Good Quote Card‘ podcast added to the ‘Quote Card Design on Canva‘ lesson in the Ministry Content Blueprint course.
  • Keep Increasing your Media Game‘ podcast added to ‘Ministry Content Blueprint Assignment
  • A Ministry’s Best Community Manager‘ podcast added to ‘The Day-to-Day Running of a Successful Group
  • 7 Ways to Promote Your Ministry’s Next Media Production‘ podcast added to ‘The ‘Day-to-Day’ of Running a Successful Group‘ lesson.
  • Being Led when Creating Media‘ podcast added to ‘Value of Proper Preparation‘ lesson.
  • How a Pastor can Raise the Visibility of the First Lady‘ podcast added to the ‘Visibility‘ lesson.
  • 3 Ways to Raise the Level of your Audio Ministry‘ podcast added to ‘Video Conversion (to audio)‘ lesson.
  • 4 C’s of a Successful Ministry Media Platform‘ podcast loaded ‘Download your Manual
  • How a Ministry Can Deal with Negative Publicity?‘ podcast added ‘Risk of Non-branded Communities‘ lesson.

Monday, 8 February 2021, 09h00:

  • Server update to increase site speed and user experience.
  • Process of Improvement‘ podcast episode added as extra material to Content Blueprint assignment
  • Power of Vulnerability‘ podcast added to ‘Deep Introspective Process‘ lesson.
  • Making Meaningful Connections with your Community‘ podcast added to ‘Building Trust with your Community‘ lesson.
  • Importance of Personal Development‘ podcast added to ‘Managing Expectations‘ within the ‘Induction Course
  • Collaboration as crucial to Media Success‘ podcast added to ‘Importance of Collaboration‘ in the ‘4 Pillars to #MinistryMedia Success‘ Course.
  • The Catalyst for Creativity‘ podcast added to ‘My Preparation Process‘ in the ‘4 Pillars to #MinistryMedia Success‘ course.

Friday, 5 February 2021, 19:50

  • Terms and Conditions page added to footer.
  • Privacy Policy page added to footer
  • Refund Policy page added to footer